How To Stage Your Home Before Selling

Posted By on Feb 4, 2018 |

You don’t have to shell out a fortune to make your house look appealing at the open house. There are some easy, simple, and economical ways of sprucing up your home for the potential buyers. Staged homes tend to sell twice as fast as non-staged homes. It is important to stand out from the crowd, and your staging can help you impact the emotional aspect of the buyers. Buyers want to experience and imagine their life in your home, and staging will help them paint the picture faster and better. Here are some of the best and inexpensive staging tips to sell your house promptly:

Roll out the welcome mat: First impression can mean everything when it comes to real estates. When your potential buyer opens the front door, a welcome mat that is fresh and modern will make great impact. Add some fresh plants near the entrance to signal that your home is well cared for!

Strategically mount the mirrors: Even the most beautiful homes can seem dull and boring without natural light. Hung a few mirrors in the dark rooms to make them appear spacious. Place small mirrors next to each other or across from a window to bounce more light inside the home.

Set tables and serving areas: A happy home is the one filled with family and friends, and food and laughter. Let the buyers have a sneak-peak into their new lives by setting the scene with tables and serving areas. Let them know what they can do with the living room of your home. It does not have to be fancy – a simple cloth with napkins, wine glasses, and solid plates will do the trick.

Add artwork on the walls: Take down your personal pictures and add artwork on the wall. Let the buyers envision themselves and let them explore the modern aspect of your home. This will also look great in the listing photos.

Add elegant white linens in bathroom: Keep aside the scattered toiletries in your bathroom and add some elegant white towels, napkins, and bath mats. It will give the appeal of a luxury spa and by adding orchids and candles, you can further increase the potential of your bathroom. Not sure where to start? Take use of these simple staging tips to make your home one of the best in the market without splurging big bucks.