How To Maintain The Efficiency Of Your Fridge

Posted By on Apr 11, 2019 |

Water heaters, dishwasher, washing machine and stove. Everyone knows these appliances well enough to know they are important to have in the development and improvement of your home’s efficiency. One of the most important however is the refrigerator. A fridge that is running optimally will always stay at a consistent temperature to make sure it does not need to work harder than it ought to. This will result in the bills being lower due to proper function. A refrigerator that may have some problems or is malfunctioning can cause the electrical payment to skyrocket above the norm. To ensure your refrigerator is running at its peak performance level there are number of things to consider. If you are having trouble with your fridge and are starting to worry about the shelf life of your produce and dairy, it may be time to call an experienced professional who has knowledge with small appliance repairs, says Derrick at Handyman Regina. In case of an emergency situation such as leaking, it would be ideal that the company you call is available for immediate assistance. Nevertheless, below are a few tips that you can follow on your own to assess the situation.

Inspect the Sealing: The temperature in the fridge is consistent due to proper seal-age, like when your veggies are kept in a seal tight container to prolong freshness. If the seals on the fridge door become worn or loose, it may cause the temperature to fluctuate. This will cause the cool air in the fridge to escape, prompting the appliance to work much more than is required. Also if your fridge is full of excess food all the time, the seals can develop a large amount of crumbs or small food items. You will need to clean them out to help the fridge perform properly.

Clean the Back of your Fridge: Have you ever pulled out your fridge? Most likely it hasn’t been done in a long time. There are important coils on the back to help it run effectively. As most homeowners do not regularly pull out their fridge and clean, it will have collected a lot of dust and dirt which causes a reduction in optimal function. Regular cleaning will aid in the balance of the appliance’s energy output and in the long run, will save you money. Be sure to venture beyond the norm to clean in behind the refrigerator every once in awhile.

Temperature: Making sure the temperature inside is set at its recommended setting will help it maintain function and also keep your food fresh due to a consistent internal environment of the refrigerator.

What’s in your Fridge?: The amount of items in your fridge can sometimes influence the temperature and may also alter it. For it to be maintain a consistent temperature, you should keep a variety of food in it. If you think of your freezer and how cold it is on its own, but if you add a large amount of ice or frozen items it will become even colder. So the same happens to your fridge if you add colder items such as colder drinks. This is ensure the warmer outside air the comes in when opened will be minimal. If there is a lot of extra room in your fridge it may have a negative impact on the overall efficiency of it and also doesn’t do any good for its intended purpose, which is to store food. I would suggest adding more food and drinks to your refrigerator to increase its performance and reduce the possibility of energy and temperature loss.

Need a new refrigerator? More serious issues may mean you simply need a new fridge. Before purchasing a new one, be sure to research different brands and read consumer reviews to find one that is right for you. For a variety of new refrigerators, visit Costco to view their selection.

There are of course a lot more factors that are critical to ensure proper function of your house hold appliances, but these are a good place to begin before calling for a handyman or repair technician. If you are too busy and want to make sure everything is done properly and quickly, then a local handyman is your best bet.